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Bill and Nancy Bryant & Craig and Diane Saelinger

are the proud proprietors of Brookside Mountain Cottages. 

When they discovered Mountain City, Tennessee, they were sure that they had found their piece of heaven on earth. The hometown atmosphere and friendly neighbors are what encouraged each of them to purchase a home in this area and to partner together to purchase the cottages. They wanted to provide others with the same wonderful opportunity that they have been able to enjoy. They often reflect on the words of an Amy Grant song. They feel, though, that the warmness and love depicted in the song go well beyond just the Christmas season. Each season brings with it sincere opportunities for families to embrace each other through a multitude of refreshing activities. We welcome you with open arms!

Another tender Tennessee Christmas, 
The only Christmas for me. 
Where the love circles around us, 
Like the gift around our tree. 
Well they say in L.A., 
It's a warm holiday; 
It's the only place to be. 
But a tender Tennessee Christmas 
Is the only Christmas for me.
Song by Amy Grant

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